Corporate Ambassador

Program Purpose:

  1. To enhance the awareness of, attendance at and participation in the events/activities of the Urban Financial Services Coalition – Greater Kansas City’s (UFSC-GKC) by minority corporate professionals.

Ambassador Criteria:

  1. Member or supporter of UFSC-GKC with the willingness and ability to communicate UFSC-GKC events to respective coworkers via internal corporate communications (print, intranets, meetings). Ambassador should also share events of respective employers at which UFSC-GKC officers and members should attend/support.

Ambassador Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain and share current UFSC-GKC calendar of events and event announcements with coworkers. This information will be provided by the UFSC-GKC’s Marketing Committee Chairperson.
  2. Attend all UFSC-GKC events or identify designee(s).
  3. Maintain Member of the Year Point System Form for coworkers who participate in UFSC-GKC events. The Ambassador should submit the form to the UFSC-GKC Program Planning Committee 1st Chairperson on a monthly basis. The Ambassador should assign points in accordance with the UFSC-GKC Member of the Year Point System. The UFSC-GKC member who has accumulated the highest number of points will receive the Member of the Year at the local, regional and national levels.

Ambassador Recognition:

  1. Photos and biographical information of the Corporate Ambassadors will be shown on the UFSC-GKC’s website and other social media outlets.
  2. The names of the Corporate Ambassadors will be listed in UFSC-GKC event brochures.

Ambassador Perks:

  1. No charge to attend local UFSC-GKC events at which five or more coworkers attend.
  2. Recognition at UFSC-GKC Annual Holiday Reception.

Ambassador Accountability and Measurement:

  1. The UFSC-GKC’s Program Planning Committee will submit a status report of the Corporate Ambassador Program to the chapter’s Board of Directors’ at its monthly meetings and solicit/incorporate recommendations for improvement.
  2. The 1st Chairperson of UFSC-GKC’s Program Planning Committee will create and submit an annual summary of each Ambassadors’ contributions to the success of UFSC-GKC and submit the summary to UFSC-GKC’s President for signature and submission to the Ambassadors’ respective supervisors.


Click here for a copy of the Corporate Ambassador Profile and Status Report Forms.