Member Of The Year

Shakia Webb

UFSC- GKC would like to congratulate Shakia Webb, UMB. Shakia received recognition as our 2020 MEMBER OF THE YEAR! Thank you Shakia for your participation and contributions.


This program was designed to acknowledge UFSC-GKC members for their continued support and dedication to the chapter. All members in *Good Standing are eligible and encouraged to participate in this program. The recipient of this award is the member who accumulates the most points for participation in UFSC-GKC sponsored events during the calendar year beginning on January 1st and ending on December 31st of each year.


All members of UFSC-GKC in *Good Standing are eligible and encouraged to participate in accumulating points towards becoming the UFSC-GKC Member of the Year. One member will be honored at the Urban Financial Services Coalition-GKC’s Annual Holiday Reception and Scholarship Awards Program for their level participation in and commitment to the organization. Points are awarded to members for their participation in the various UFSC-GKC sponsored event THE YEARs.

All activities must occur during the UFSC-GKC calendar year (January 1st through December 31st). The President requests that all point totals for each month be submitted to him/her no later than the first Friday of each subsequent month. Committee and/or Event Chairpersons are responsible for assigning point totals (in accordance with the UFSC-GKC Member of the Year — Point System) for their event and submitting each participant’s earned points to the President. The member who has accumulated the highest number of points will determine the UFSC-GKC Member of the Year. A mid-year report will be presented at the June Membership Meeting. This will give members the opportunity to gain points where necessary. In the event of a tie, the President reserves the right to make multiple awards or to develop an elimination process.

Monthly point totals or inquiries on member standings should be submitted to the President at his/her known e-mail address or to the following address:

Urban Financial Services Coalition-Greater Kansas City
Attention: President
P.O. Box 414194
Kansas City, MO 64141-4194

*Good Standing*
A member shall be considered in Good Standing if they satisfy following criteria:

  • A contributor to the financial support of UFSC-GKC by maintaining their annual dues.
  • Attend 50% of the general membership meetings, applicable committee meetings and UFSC-GKC sponsored events.

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