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UFSC-GKC endorses the preparation of future leaders through mentorship.  It is through UFSC-GKC’s Mentorship Program that we continue to develop our members into future leaders for our organization and community. 

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2022 Mentorship Graduation!


  • Have a minimum of three years of leadership experience with a minimum of two years serving within the UFSC organization.
  • Must be willing to spend time outside of UFSC-GKC events to serve mentees.  This time may be via e-mail, face to face meetings, phone calls, Teams or Zoom, etc. Meetings/calls should be conducted at least every other month.
  • Must help develop, encourage and support leadership goals established by mentees.
  • Must be willing to commit one year towards leadership development for each mentee.


  • Must be willing to learn and accept constructive feedback from mentor
  • Must actively work towards establishing regular meetings with their mentor outside of UFSC-GKC meetings.  Meetings should be conducted at least every two months.
  • Must be willing to take on additional responsibilities as suggested by the mentor, with the mentor’s assistance/guidance.
  • Must develop/establish goals with the mentor for the mentor/mentee relationship and participation in UFSC-GKC.
  • Must be willing to commit one year towards leadership development in UFSC-GKC through the mentor relationship.

Learn What It Means To Become A Mentor Or Mentee!

Theodis Watson
UFSC Assistant Vice President

  "It's a year long program that turns into a lifetime relationship."

If You’re Interested . . .

Please review and/or download the guidelines listed below and contact Mentorship Program Coordinator Anissa Brown with any additional questions.  

Anissa Brown

VP of Programs, Scholarships & Mentorship Chair

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