Why is volunteering important?

Volunteerism is ingrained in American society. 77.3 million adults volunteered through different organization last year alone, and their time is worth a staggering $163 billion in economic value. More than half of adults engage in “informal volunteering” in the United States, supporting friends, family, and neighbors. Without volunteers, communities would face devastating gaps in necessary services.  In other words, let’s volunteer; we’re all better for it!

This Year Ufsc-Gkc has partnered with
junior achievement

Junior Achievement USA is a nonprofit organization that supports local communities by engaging youth in financial awareness, leadership skills, and resources that support learning.

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Volunteer with the UFSC-GKC Board or UFSC National President and Vice President

UFSC Members should sign up using code “565.” 


Next Volunteer Date June 22, 2022

6/23 Volunteer Date Cancelled

Future Dates to Come


4/29 JA Volunteer Event In Action!

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